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I've got a working FOP2 setup and have purchased the full license, including IM and VM integration.

The IM feature works fine.

The VM opens and you can see your voicemail, but
1. there is no icon button to listen
* if you hover the mouse over where it should be, there is a javascript link
* you can click on the link, but nothing happens
2. when switching between folders, i.e. new, family, work, etc., you get constant prompts "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page".

My question is 2 part: 1. how do you listen to the VM? 2. Can you stop the constant prompts when navigating?



  • I do not know why you get all those prompts and you do not see the play icon. It seems there are some javascript issues or installation problem in your setup. There IS a play icon on the leftmost column, and there is no warning when switching folders on any browser I have tried. Did you try with other browsers?
  • It seems that when using IE 7 & 8, I get the constant pop-ups that ask me whether or not I want to navigate away from the page. Is there a way to stop that? It's difficult to get users to break away from IE.

    Now I have the correct icon for playing voicemail. But when I click it, there is nothing played.
  • You can edit /var/www/html/fop2/presence.js and disable warning on close.
  • I will do that, thank you.

    Any thoughts on why the voicemail doesn't play?
  • One possible reason is that php sessions are broken. I have seen that on trixbox. The problem is also apparent when opening the phonebook (it does not work). So, if the phonebook works well, then it is not a php session issue.

    It is not easy to debug, I would try with another browser, perhaps there are some javascript errors in IE.

    Try to catch me on the live help to chat, as it is not that easy to debug via forum or email.
  • I have the same issue, the voicemail envelop is not shown.

    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Valid License (/usr/local/fop2/fop2.lic)
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Featureset: Voicemail Explorer & IM Chat
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Allowed Tenants:

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