FOP 2.21 Beta

I am about to the release the next version. If you want to test it out, you can download it from here:

Centos 5 - 32 bits
Centos 5 - 64 bits
Debian - 32 bits
Debian - 64 bits
Fop2admin FreePBX Module 1.2.6

It includes several bug fixes and new features, among others:
  • Added new languages: swedish, russian, polish[/*:m]
  • Fix Logout when passing context, user and password via URL[/*:m]
  • Fixes for IE9 to avoid warnings on close when clicking on links[/*:m]
  • Display full caller id on mouse over as tooltip[/*:m]
  • New script and browse recording interface.[/*:m]
  • Improved permission system, ability to create custom permissions and limit actions to certain groups[/*:m]
  • New queue restriction setup, to limit which extensions can be added to which queues[/*:m]
  • Extended queuechannel directive, to allow passing different penalties for different queues[/*:m]
  • Fixed bug on client not refreshing if socket order was altered and AMI connection was made after the client[/*:m]
  • Added jcallback.js to allow custom javascript mods[/*:m]
  • Add notifybroadcast command to fire popups/notifications to all connected clients[/*:m]
  • Set fixed height to phonebook-application modalbox[/*:m]
  • Add CLIDNUM and CLIDNAME variables to monitor_filename[/*:m]
  • Use full php tags on donwload.php and php4 libraries[/*:m]
  • Let queuechannel have spaces so you can use full names as queuemember[/*:m]
  • Fix index_only_extensions.html so it actually works[/*:m]
  • Changes on phonebook container to allow displaying the recording interface if enabled[/*:m]
  • Added iax as a valid protocol for the dial box[/*:m]
  • Added IP address to login-logout audit log[/*:m]
  • Fix ghost park calls on failed attendant transfers to park slots[/*:m]
  • Fix voicemailcount when leaving voicemail is aborted[/*:m]
  • Pause members only on queue when called from queue button, or globally when called from extension[/*:m]
  • Respect case on url get parameters for mixed case passwords[/*:m]
  • Take VMPREFIX from freepbx globals table for autoconfig-buttons instead of using the default[/*:m]
  • Fix crash when non using upper case on channel name when adding queue members[/*:m]
  • Fix dial action for user & device mode[/*:m]
  • Fix on sorting queue members by penalty[/*:m]
  • Added QueueMemberStatus support to set valid/invalid upon sip registration/unregistration, requires to set eventmemberstatus=yes in the asterisk queue config[/*:m]
  • Fix spy/listen actions for multi server setups, requires to set originatechannel to be Local/NNNN@YYYYY[/*:m]
  • Added online-offline notifications in chat windows (so you know if a user is only or not)[/*:m]
  • Added download option for voicemail and recording interfaces.[/*:m]
  • Added parking lot timers[/*:m]
  • Prevent fop2 server exit when attempting to register with a used code from web gui[/*:m]
  • Fix originatechannel on pickup ringing[/*:m]
  • Added LSB info to debian init script[/*:m]
  • Sort results in popup by clid lenght to prevent popups on partial matched on internal calls[/*:m]
  • Added to easily create the proper freepbx context modifications[/*:m]
  • Updated fop2admin to setup custom permissions and templates[/*:m][/list:u]

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