how to use phoneebook fop2 with my telephones ?

hi ,
i have two types of telephones
Yeahlink & Grandstream .

now from fop2 phonebook , i created users and phones .
but my request is how to connect these data with my phones ??



  • The fop2 phonebook is a standalone application. It does not "connect" to phones, or other softwares.
  • hi admin ,
    did you mean i cant get benifet of this phonebook ??? and map it to my telephones ????

  • FOP2 is a web based application, the phonebook is also a web based application. If you have a phone with phonebook features, you have to look at your phone, not fop2. You can surely benefit for FOP2 phonebook by *using* it. If you want, you can export data and import to your phones, but it is up to your phone to import that data somehow.

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  • I'm found solution for Cisco and Yealink phones.
    Anybody, who can modify this solution for Grandstream (and other) phones?

    To wish list.
    Many IP-phones can download phonebook from server.
    Pls add to FOP2 distributive additional script for generate phonebook in format.
  • Additional info:

    XML Based Downloadable Phone Book Guide Grandstream GXP21xx/GXP14xx/GXP116x IP Phone

    Script for generate Grandstream phonebook.xml from /etc/asterisk/sip*.conf files
    echo | sed -n '/callerid\=/p' /etc/asterisk/sip*.conf| sed s'/callerid\=//'g | sed s'/</ /'g | sed s'/>//'g | sed s'/;//'g >> tmp.file
    spisok=(`cat tmp.file`)
    echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' >> $book
    echo "<AddressBook>" >> $book
    while [ ${spisok[a]} ];do
    cat <<EOF >>$book
    a=`expr $a + 3`
    b=`expr $b + 3`
    c=`expr $c + 3`
    echo "</AddressBook>" >>$book
    cp phonebook.xml /var/www/
    rm tmp.file
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    It's me again :-)

    One more solution for centralized phonebook managament for Yealink and Grandstream phones

    You can get code from this project for generate Grandstream and Yealink phonebook format.
    Source data - FOP2 phonebook.
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