Asternic CDR Reports and FreePBX in Device & User mode


I have a small question about Asternic CDR reports.
After i'm change FreePBX to Device & User mode Asternic CDR reports stop show stats.
Anybody can help me with this problem?
On index page i'm see my extensions, when click Generate report i'm get page without stats (0 calls).
Google found only questions, without answers.
Be advised that the reports do not yet work in Device & User mode.
I have installed Asternics CDR Reports but it cant see the number of calls per user.

Sorry for misplaced question.


  • CDR Reports does not work in device & user mode in FreePBX.
  • It is the impossibility of relating to the architectural features of the program?
    Or if there is someone who will be able to change the program that it will work?
    What changes in the transition FreePBX mode devices and users because of what Asternic CDR Reports stops working?
  • The program uses channel and dstchannel fields on the CDR tables. In device and user mode, those fields to not relate to a particular "user", as they always refer to the "device". You are free to inspect the code and see if you can come up with alternative mysql queries so they work in that mode.
  • hello, the program crached, in google chrome

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