Question regarding queue pause

I have a question regarding how the queue works.
On FOP2 panel we can put user of queue on pause. The question is for how long this pause works and for how long it ignores calls in the queue? How can we manage this? Is that operator paused for a hour, two or a day or until someone unpauses him.
We can’t find this information and it would be great if you could explain. Please advise. Thank you!


  • When an agent selects a pause reason other than "Available" the agent is paused in the queue. Also, if you click on the little circle in upper left of extension wided and select "Pause" the agent is paused with a reason. In either case, the agent is paused until someone un-pauses.

    I assum you have check out the docs at
  • Typo:
    Also, if you click on the little circle in upper left of extension widgit and select "Pause" the agent is paused without a reason.
  • Hi,

    As Jerry said, an agent will keep paused until someone unpauses him, or if its removed and added to the queue again (Removing from a queue resets any pause state it could have).

    That is how the queue member pause action in Asterisk works, it is not a "timed" state, but "absolute".

    Having said that, there is a plugin for FOP2 named "AutoWrapup" that will automatically pause an agent when it finished a call, for a configurable period of time, with a configurable reason. You can cancel that pause with FOP2 before the configured time if you wish. So, that plugin performs a "timed" pause, but it does so automatically after the agent hangs up on every queue call.

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