Can not login to FOP2 Panel after server restart

we are building a new small call-center based on FreePBX. I've been looking for convenient WebUI panel for it and FOP2 looks great for our needs - so we decided to give it a try (I have demo mode installed on my test server).
I can see following issue. I can normally login to both the Manager and Agent panels.
However, if I reboot FreePBX server, I can not login to the Agent panel (it says "Invalid credentials").
But if I log in to Manager panel first and choose to reload panel, I can then successfully login to Agent panel. Therefore, in case of server restart due to maintenance, power loss, etc. there is manual intervention needed to allow agents to work again.
I have looked through the forum but I haven't found a similar issue.
I'm using FOP2 version 2.31.27 on FreePBX (on stable distro 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7).
Any hint will be much appreciated.


  • No idea?

  • I found out through trial and error that after a server restart, you manually need to restart the FOP2 panel service via the FOP2 Panel Manager before FOP2 can be logged into. The URL is http://FreePBXIP/fop2/admin/ (change the FreePBXIP to your pbx IP address). There is a lightning bolt icon at the top, click it and click to restart the panel manager.

  • Yes, I came to the same conclusion and had to write a script to reload FOP2 server service after the system is booted up.
    But even if I consider this thing workarounded, it shouldn't be like this in the first place.

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