Extension Name not Updated

Hello, I created an extension Ex. 1001 with name: John Doe. I later deleted and created it again with a new name: Tim Rogers. When I update the FOP panel and sign in with extension 1001 it will still keep showing the Joe Doe name. How can I fix this so it will show the new Tim Rogers' name?


  • Solved: I read some other posts saying it was a bug on freepbx were previous extension was kept on a queue and it took its label. What I did in other to update the new extension was confirm the old extension was not on any queue and re assign the new one on a new queue and the problem was fixed.

  • exactly, another way to make sure...is to execute : asterisk -rx "queue show"
    and check how the agent is shown....Asterisk will show it with old name...unless you remove it from all the queues it has in and add it again...the name will update correctly and FOP2 will take it with the new name.
    FOP2 prioritize how Asterisk shows the agent name above anything.
    Best Regards

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