Call History Plugin without local Asterisk instance

Hi folks!
I have a working FOP2 instance running. The Asterisk instance is running in our Yearstar telephone system. FOP2 uses the AMI Interface to communicate with this unit. Everything is working good so far, except the Call History plugin:
There is no asterisk instance running on the same computer as the FOP2 server deamon.
As far as I have understood (from looking at the code) it is not possible at all to use the Call History Plugin under this circumstances since the Call History plugin accesses the asteriskcdrdb.cdr Table, which is not present in my case.

Two questions:
1. Is my assumption correct?
2. If yes, is there any change to make it work (without changing the topology of the telephone system)?

Have a good day and thank you very much!


  • New to FOP2 so don't take this a law and my not apply directly but I just ran into this today and found this to help me figure out what to.
    I connected to the asteriskcdrdb DB on our FreePBX system and was able to get the Call history in FOP2

  • Hi Rickb,
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, there is not Asterisk Database available on the same machine running the FOP2 server.

    The hope is still alive to make it work - any suggestions?

  • I connected to the database on the remote asterisk server from the FOP server.
    Edit the /var/www/html/fop2/config.php on your FOP server and use the DB config info from /etc/freepbx.conf that is on your Asterisk server. Restart FOP2 service.
    You will need to make sure the user that is in your /etc/freepbx.conf has permissions from your FOP server host/ip. The * db user that is in your /etc/freepbx.conf will probably be restricted to the localhost by default.

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