Allow moving of windows within the display

Firstly – can you advise if there is any further development happening on FOP2? I see the last version was released in March 2012, which is a long time ago.

If there is development, we would like to be able to re-arrange windows in the browser screen. We see that extension button windows always appear on the left side of the screen taking up around two thirds of the space, and ring groups always appear as one column on the right, with trunks and conferences below. We can re-order the groups vertically in these screen areas, but not move them left/right or change window size.

We use ring groups as the primary calling numbers (to go to multiple devices per user) and would prefer these be at the top left – would it be possible to allow the windows to be moved?



  • FOP 2.27 was released a couple of months ago, FOP 2.28 is about to be released. Chrome Extension 1.0.4 was released today. FOP2 Manager was released last week. Not sure where you get that the last update was on 2012. The forum is not constantly updated, that is true, but we are constantly adding features, fixing bugs, adding new software, etc.

    You can rearrange the screen right now, but it involved modifying the index.html file. It is not that hard to do, fop2 uses a css grid system to arrange things, you can alter that to change column distribution. You could add an extra column to the left, put ring groups there, have a central place for extensions and a right column for other things, or you can move the right column to the left just by rearranging the divs in index.html.

    Best regards,
  • Many thanks for this info , it is much appreciated.

    My assumption for the release of the last update date was from your last entry in the “announcements” forum.

    I have had to re-install our PBX a couple of times, and have been using the install file of version 2.27 I downloaded in January this year. I have been checking regularly for any sign of an update on your web site. I see the latest download is still listed as 2.27, so I assumed it had not changed. I have just downloaded it, and see the file size is larger than the version I downloaded in January, so assume this is an updated version.

    I note your comment on FOP2manager – I have currently installed fop2admin 1.2.15, do I assume fop2manager replaces this?

    I see the web page states fop2 manager 1.0.0 is included in Fop2 2.28. I note 2.28 is not on the web page yet, so should I wait until it is available, or should I install fop2manager now?

    We use this with FreePBX, should I un-install fop2admin before installing fop2manager?

    Sorry about all the questions, and note that we do appreciate your software, it is an excellent product – it is just we are a little confused about these version issues.

    Do you have a mechanism we should be looking at to find out about new versions?

  • The fop2 manager replaces the FreePBX module. If you have fop2admin for FreePBX installed you should remove it. If you want to keep your current config, the installation / removal order should be like this:

    Download and install FOP2 Manager
    Log into FOP2 Manager, check your fop2 buttons and fop2 users are in place.
    Remove the file /var/www/html/admin/modules/fop2admin/uninstall.sql
    Go to the Module Administrator in FreePBX and uninstall FOP2Admin

    That way you will preserve your current configuration.

    FOP 2.8 will be released once I make all of the above happen during installation time, to make it easier to users.

    You could keep running fop2admin 1.2.15 if you want, unless you want to use FOP 2.27 and its new plugins. In that case you must upgrade.
  • I have edited this contribution some hours after posting, as I have discovered the answer to my main issue... but have some remaining questions.

    After updating FOP2 from the version downloaded on January (labelled 2.27) to the version downloaded in July ((called 2.27 final), the FOP2 screen says version 2.27 at the bottom – should it be saying 2.27(final)? The file size was different, was this a version change or not?

    I have been using FOP2 Manager, however some aspects are a little mysterious. There is no documentation on the web site - is there some information available anywhere? The process to save changes is confusing - I see a spinning wheel at the bottom left, which when I click does a reload of Asterisk, but the FOP display only updates from this occasionally, I think this depends on what has been changed.

    There is reference on the web download page to a FOP2 version 2.28, plus you referred to it above - is this coming soon?

    How does a user know when a new version is available?

    Many thanks
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