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I see an Idle Timer plugin is now available for FOP2. The description states "Displays an idle timer on extensions, to know how long since they last received a call." Is this counter the same value we would see on the Realtime tab of Call Center Stats labeled there as "Last In Call"? So idle is relative only to inbound queue calls. I don't believe Asterisk actually tracks an actual idle time for a user so I expect this is the case. Although I would be very happy if this is something more.


  • No, it is not the same you see in Asternic Call Center Stats. This counter is tracked by the fop2 server itself and works for any kind of call. When a call is finished, an entry is written into the astdb, so that entry is queried to know the last call info for an extension and display it on the FOP2 screen.

    However, the fop2_server must be running to perform that tracking. If you start the FOP2 server and you had previous calls running, you won't know until a new call is made while the fop2 server is running (that is something unavoidable as Asterisk in itself does not inform of an idle timer itself).

    Finally, that plugin requires FOP 2.29 that is not yet released. It is still in beta. We are working on some compatibility issues with Asterisk 13, and also doing some new API calls to make the FOP2 Manager more responsive when updating passwords , permissions, etc.

  • Fantastic news!! We actually are running FOP2 v2.29 (you fixed an issue with Record and RecordSelf working together in that version for us) and we are running Asterisk 12 so we should not have the compatibility issues. I am assuming we should download a latest version of 2.29 before trying to use this Plugin.
  • One question, it states "...last received a call" in the description, is this limited to inbound calls or will outbound calls also reset this timer?
  • Outbound calls reset the timer also.
  • Can you tell me what email address the activation codes would come from. I purchased this on Friday and want to make sure the codes make it to us. We have had issues in the past with our spam filter stopping fop2 email but I know I white listed

  • Mails come from

  • Good morning, will this plug in show the duration of a pause from presence state? Ie the supervisor wants to see how long and Agent is paused for a toilette break ;)

  • No, it does not show timers for paused states. For that you can use the full wallboard (if a supervisor wants to check timers for all agents). Or you have a new plugin "Paused Since" that will show individual pause timers to agents (but visible only to the agent).

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