FOP2 2.30 Beta

I am about to release FOP 2.30 in beta. It has big improvements on the GUI, using Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 as a CSS Framework.

Here is a short video showcasing some of them:

This new version will not work with Internet Explorer less than version 10, but I think it is a small price to pay for the improvements on the user interface in general. As always I recommend to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox anyways.

It has some new plugins that are exclusive for this version (queue stats, change password), and improves existing plugins by adding some real time charts (busy call counter, queued calls counter).

It also has a nicer UI for the phonebook.

It can also be customized via CSS using themes. That means that you do not have to edit core .css files to change styles. I will work on adding at least one theme besides the default one.

If you are interested in trying the beta, let me know. As the changes are big, you might expect some glitches or problems.


  • We would be interested in trying the beta, what are the step?

    The video looks great!
  • Here are the tarballs for 2.30.00 beta:

    To upgrade a running version, as always, download, extract and run "make".

    As it is a beta, it is subject to changes, perhaps big. It might have bugs although I made my best efforts on making a smooth upgrade experience.

    It was not tested with Internet Explorer less than version 10. Even with Internet Explorer 10 there are some visual things that I do not like much (scrollbars all over the place). I have not tried it with Windows 10 nor the new Edge browser. Main development is done using Google Chrome, and tests performed with Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

    You can create your own themes by editing /var/www/html/fop2/css/custom_theme/theme.css , there is one included but file is renamed so it does not get loaded. This means that you should be able to create custom looks, and change logos from that file only. And it won't get overwritten on future upgrades.

    There are new plugins that works exclusively with this version:

    Queue Stats: it shows a small widget per queue with basic queue statistics as informed by Asterisk, showing SLA, Answered Calls, Abandoned Calls, and Hold Time. If you have the "resetstats" permission, (or "all"), you will have the option to RESET stats to zero from the widget.

    Change Password: adds a menu for users to change their password. Works only if you use the FOP2 Manager for managing users.

    Mini Browser: adds a widget with a web page embedded inside. If you configure automatic popups, they will be launched inside that widget, and not in a separate TAB. It is limited by browser security, some pages will NOT load as they do not like to exists inside an iframe.

    There are some updated plugins with special features for the new 2.30 client:

    Busy Counter: displays a 5 minute real time graph of line usage
    Queued Calls Counter: displays a 5 minute real time graph of waiting calls

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  • Seems is not responding.
  • thanks, It is up and running now, you can always try mirrors like or
  • Hi, do you want bugs/queries about 2.30 beta here or on support forum in future?

    i have a problem with newly created queues. Asterisk 12 & FreePBX 12.0.74

    Upgraded to 2.3.0 beta
    All works - Queues showing
    Created new Queue in Freepbx.
    Fop 2 Manager, reload fop & reload Asterisk, also tried service fop2 restart, shows in Fop2 Manager "Buttons" & is enabled.

    New queue still does not show in fop2?
  • My guess is that Default groups in FOP2 Manager tables are not updated and you have group restrictions for a user (you have clicked All Buttons, or All Queues for that user in the Users tab). Try running this script:

    php -f /var/www/html/fop2/admin/update_conf.php 1

    And then restart FOP2:

    service fop2 restart

    Let me know if that makes a difference or not.. Best regards,
  • Thanks - sorted.

    This user had a template that had all Groups unticked. See attached.
    I had to run the command
    php -f /var/www/html/fop2/admin/update_conf.php 1
    to make it appear.

  • I would like to make the green individual extension fields smaller in size in FOP2. 2.30. How to go about that?
  • What field? My suggestion is to use google chrome, right click on the element you want to change and select inspect element, then you will see the element id and classes it has assigned, with that information you can copy the css/theme/theme.css over css/custom_theme/theme.css and then modify the later to your hearts content.
  • Is it possible to make a call directly from the 'contacts' list? (I think the 'old' virtual phonebook was more usefull)
  • Is it possible to make a call directly from the 'contacts' list? (I think the 'old' virtual phonebook was more usefull)
  • Yes, it is possible to make a call, similar to the virtual phonebook of previous versions. click on the telephone icon for click to dial on any given contact.
  • That is exactly how i suspected it to react, however nothing happens.
  • Maybe you did not upgrade to 2.30 final?
  • Ahh. I'll better check that tomorrow, I know that i have DL both...
  • Weeeee
    it was the Beta i had installed, after installing the final it worked like a charm....
    Likewise with the other problem i have had, making it work on bidden fruit products...
  • Hi! Released version, but it is not clear what new? Maybe I'm not looking of course?
  • There is a changelog provided in the fop2 tarball, here is the tidbig for 2.30.02:

    FOP2 Version 2.30.02

    date: Wed Nov 04 17:03:23 2015 -0300
    summary: Add mising context page in FOP2 Manager. Fix query for multi tenant in autoconfig buttons

    date: Tue Nov 03 15:55:30 2015 -0300
    summary: Be sure actions are sent to AMI and not ESL when no fsesl defined

    date: Tue Nov 03 15:01:49 2015 -0300
    summary: Bump FOP2 Manager to 1.1.0

    date: Tue Nov 03 15:00:48 2015 -0300
    summary: Fix alertify prompt on FOP2 Manager

    date: Tue Nov 03 14:59:18 2015 -0300
    summary: Update browser plugin to support multiple windows version 1.0.1

    date: Thu Oct 29 13:27:11 2015 -0300
    summary: Add textarea formats with codemirror editor for FOP2 Manager, so we can have nice looking editors for tempaltes

    date: Thu Oct 29 13:25:42 2015 -0300
    summary: Make transfer to mailbox and transfer external use mailbox and external numbers to dial when not busy

    date: Wed Oct 28 14:11:45 2015 -0300
    summary: Update fop2button table definitions for create statements

    date: Wed Oct 28 13:36:25 2015 -0300
    summary: Functions custom in FOP2 Manager will discard templates definitions from sip.conf
  • Hi,

    I just downloaded the latest version.
    Logging as admin and press the "Tenants" I got "The requested URL /fop2/admin/pagebs.fop2contexts.php was not found on this server."

    The file pagebs.fop2contexts.php is missing
  • Thanks for the feedback, I will review it. In the meantime, download the fop2manager tar.gz from, extract it and see if you have the file in there.
  • File is missing.
  • Redownload the file please, should be there now.
  • A few bug on Elastix MTE :

    ligne 1715 et 1749 (suppression de encoded)
    ligne 1757 commentaire (formencoded) ligne 128 change exclude par fop2buttons.exclude

    After works well.

    Previous version (4th of November) some buttons were missing when we created many groups.

    Thanks for this good product

  • A few bug on Elastix MTE :

    ligne 1715 et 1749 (suppression de encoded)
    ligne 1757 commentaire (formencoded) ligne 128 change exclude par fop2buttons.exclude

    After works well.

    Previous version (4th of November) some buttons were missing when we created many groups.

    Thanks for this good product

    Can you please elaborate if my problem that all buttons are not being displayed after the upgrade is the problem you mentioned for elastix MTE?
  • Most probably it has to do with the where you must set a field as fop2buttons.exclude instead of just exclude: ligne 128 change exclude par fop2buttons.exclude
  • Solved, thanks.
  • Is it possible to run this beta along side my stable version of fop as a test?
  • It is not possible. Actually it is possible but super complicated to setup: copy the server part into a different location than /usr/loca/fop2, for example /usr/local/fop2new, copy the html files to a different location that /var/www/html/fop2, for example /var/www/html/fop2new, change the listen port on /usr/local/fop2new/fop2.cfg to something different than 4445, change web_dir to point to the new web location /var/www/html/fop2new, copy the fop2.lic file from /usr/local/fop2 to /usr/local/fop2new, then start the fop2_server from that new location to launch the server: /usr/local/fop2/fop2new/fop2_server -d, and then browse the web files http://your.server/fop2new

    However 2.30 is no longer in beta and considered stable.
  • Hello, Just a suggestion :

    At the end of the upgrade, you should mention not only the config file of fop2 but the config file of fop2admin too.

    I must each time change the DB Access in both.

    Or for Elastix 3 MTE, you can use the default Elastix dB (elxpbx) and find the password of the db in /etc/elastix.conf
    you have a line :


    (user root for mysql)

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello, a small translation error to :
    In French, logout is "Deconnexion, not Deonnection


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