FOP2 Recording Interface scripts

There is a section in FOP.cfg that mentions creating a post recording script and merging the recording into one file.
; You could specify your own script to be executed when the recording
; is finished. It will receive 3 parameters, the complete
; path and filename of the IN leg, the OUT leg and the final
; recording NAME. You should run soxmix in your script to join
; the recordings into one file.
; monitor_exec=/var/lib/asterisk/bin/

Has anyone experimented with this or come up with a script to email that completed recording?


  • I found some answers here:
    For now, I am focusing on getting the recordings panel to work, showing recordings as they are created and getting the filename to match parsing on the PBX. Currently, that filename is using the unique id in the date column. That is FreePBX 12, but regardless we need to add a phone number for the number called instead of the extension, and add the date as well as the time.

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