Full Wallboard - Talk Time split between first extension and transferred call destination extension?

We have a client who is asking if we can split the talk time of a single call across multiple agents, in the Agents Widget in the full wallboard.
Eg. if agent 1 picks up a call from the queue, talks to them for 1 minute, then they transfer the call to agent 2, and agent 2 talks to them for 5 minutes.
Currently 6 minutes gets added to agent 1, and agent 2 gets no time added.
Has anyone else found a work around or is this possible?


  • I have read this post and suspect this may not be able to be done, but intrigued if anyone has a workaround.

  • The queue_log file doesnt seem to be logging any Transfer, each of the calls below involved TestExtension or TestExtension2 picking up the Queue call, talking for around a minute, then transferring the call to the other extension, and the other extension talking for 5 minutes. The fill 6 minutes gets logged with the agent who first picked up the call.
    I have been reading http://www.asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edition/asterisk-book-html-chunk/ACD_id289009.html?msclkid=4a9c8896cacd11ec8ea497a6833d19a2 and it mentions about a Transfer event, Written when a caller is transferred to another extension. Additional parameters are also written, which include: the extension and context the caller was transferred to, the hold time of the caller in the queue, the amount of time the caller was speaking to a member of the queue, and the original position of the caller when he entered the queue.[a]
    [a] Please note that when the caller is transferred using SIP transfers (rather than the built-in transfers triggered by DTMF and configured in features.conf), the TRANSFER event may not be reliable.

    Hope this helps

       14   1651508286|1651508286.20042|808|NONE|DID|02011111111    
    15  1651508286|1651508286.20042|808|NONE|ENTERQUEUE||07899999999|1  
    16  1651508303|1651508286.20042|808| Test Extension|CONNECT|17|1651508286.20049|16  
    17  1651508364|1651508286.20042|808| Test Extension|COMPLETECALLER|17|61|1  
    18  1651508507|1651508506.20077|808|NONE|DID|02011111111    
    19  1651508507|1651508506.20077|808|NONE|ENTERQUEUE||07899999999|1  
    20  1651508525|1651508506.20077|808| Test Extension2|CONNECT|18|1651508507.20082|18 
    21  1651508586|1651508506.20077|808| Test Extension2|COMPLETECALLER|18|61|1 
    22  1651522439|1651522439.20112|808|NONE|DID|02011111111    
    23  1651522439|1651522439.20112|808|NONE|ENTERQUEUE||07899999999|1  
    24  1651522445|1651522439.20112|808| Test Extension|CONNECT|6|1651522439.20119|5    
    25  1651522480|1651522439.20112|808| Test Extension|PAUSE|Hold  
    26  1651522502|1651522439.20112|808| Test Extension|UNPAUSE|Hold    
    27  1651522502|1651522439.20112|808| Test Extension|UNPAUSE|Hold    
    28  1651522676|1651522439.20112|808| Test Extension|COMPLETECALLER|6|231|1  
    29  1651525936|1651525935.20155|808|NONE|DID|02011111111    
    30  1651525936|1651525935.20155|808|NONE|ENTERQUEUE||07899999999|1  
    31  1651525942|1651525935.20155|808| Test Extension2|CONNECT|6|1651525936.20160|5   
    32  1651525951|1651525935.20155|808| Test Extension2|PAUSE|Hold 
    33  1651525966|1651525935.20155|808| Test Extension2|UNPAUSE|Hold   
    34  1651525999|1651525935.20155|808| Test Extension2|COMPLETEAGENT|6|57|1   
    35  1651526783|1651526783.20198|808|NONE|DID|02011111111    
    36  1651526783|1651526783.20198|808|NONE|ENTERQUEUE||07899999999|1  
    37  1651526793|1651526783.20198|808| Test Extension|CONNECT|10|1651526783.20205|9   
    38  1651526850|1651526783.20198|808| Test Extension|PAUSE|Hold  
    39  1651526856|1651526783.20198|808| Test Extension|PAUSE|Hold  
    40  1651526857|1651526783.20198|808| Test Extension|UNPAUSE|Hold    
    41  1651527058|1651526783.20198|808| Test Extension|COMPLETECALLER|10|265|1
  • I am able to get transfers logging in the queue_log file (adding S or P in front of the extension numbers in the queue), but still a bit unsure if or how to split talktime as the second leg of the call doesnt call the queue, its just an internal transfer. Any ideas out there for workarounds or is just a no go, and no one uses it like this.

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