Queued Calls Counter Plugin

I have just released a new *free* plugin for FOP2.


The Queued Calls Counter will add a box to the right column showing the total number or waiting calls in every listed queue.

It is a simple plugin that lets you qucikly see all of the waiting calls you have in your contact center. You need FOP 2.27 or higher in order to use it.

As every other plugin, you can install it via the FOP2 Manager.



  • Is there also a way to get this plugin without the FOP2 Manager? In AstLinux we don't have MySQL server.
    Or is there a way to get FOP2 Manager running with SQLite3 ?
  • You can download the plugin file directly from:


    In fop2.cfg you can add a plugin like this:

    And in the user definition in fop2.cfg, you can enumerate plugins after groups, something like this:

    Support for sqlite in FOP2 MAnager could be added on a future release, I will consider that.

    Best regards,
  • Thanks, works fine. Here is the German language file (de.js) for the plugin.
  • Here is the German language file:
  • Queue Counter was updated. Version 1.0.1 adds the option to enable spoken call waiting announcements using Browsers builtin text to speech, works fine on Google Chrome and Safari. It will speak out something like:

    There are 3 callers waiting in the Support queue

    whenever a new calls joins a queue. The phrase, language and announcements can be modified via the plugins configuration page.

  • Any progress to support SQlite3 in FOP2 Manager?
  • No on the fop2 manager. I did some work on the database library already, and also worked on a way to see chat transcripts that are stored on an sqlite database. Maybe the db library will be updated in the future, making it possible to somewhat port the fop2 manager with not much a lot of work. But it is not ready/done yet.

  • Hi Nic. I am having an issue on queued calls counter. Calls Waiting counter keeps on accumulating when the page is open. when you log off and login the counter is refreshed to realtime.

    eg. realtime call waiting is 2 but the counter shows 313 calls waiting. ( i believe this is an accumulation of all calls from the time i was logged in on FOP2.)

    please help
  • Asterisk 13? What fop2 version? Try to upgrade to latest
  • Hi Nic. FreePbx 2.11 and Asterisk 11.6. It is on the Latest for 11.6 i believe
  • Please check your FOP2 version:

    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v

    If you are not running 2.31.07, please try to upgrade and see if it helps. You can upgrade with this command:

    wget -O - http://download.fop2.com/upgrade_fop2.sh | bash

    Best regards,
  • hi,
    i've some problem with the queue call counter plugin...
    i don't have any voice in firefox or chrome ...
    i've set Enable Spoken Announcement and Enable Failed Spoken Announcement to "1"
    the graph works well
    thanks for your help
  • edited March 2019
    Hi Nic.

    The queue counter (Calls waiting) is showing 0 all the time. Where do i check what queue it is looking at ? We have about 4 queues.

    OS: SHMZ release 6.6 (final)
    Asterisk: 13.18.3
    FOP version: 2.31.17
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